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Published: 6th May 2019

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Things you need to know about filing your 2019 Dutch income tax return

Published: 3rd January 2018

When do I need to file a tax return? There are two situations where you must file a Dutch tax return. 1. If you are invited to do so The first one is if you […]

30% ruling – Payroll attention points

Published: 3rd January 2018

This series addresses the most relevant topics regarding the 30 percent ruling. In this post: Payroll attention points In this last section of the 30% ruling codex, we address the most important payroll attention points. […]

9 myths about the 183-days-rule

Published: 3rd January 2018

Dennis Strijker reveals 9 common conceptions regarding one of the best-known but not always understood principles of expat taxation. Many people dealing with global mobility have heard about the 183-days-rule. People who have been expats […]

Deregulation law review labour relations (DBA)

Published: 3rd January 2018

Kas van der Meulen on the new Dutch Act that influences all contractors working with self employed professionals in the Netherlands. What about these model contracts of the Dutch tax authorities? A rare, unexpected but […]