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€ 130
Why wait for your refund?

Preliminary tax return

Enhance your cash flow, avoid paying penalties and interest. Asking the Dutch tax authorities for a preliminary assessment helps you organize your tax affairs in a simple way.

Once done, the preliminary assessment will continue till further notice. You don’t have to complete a new request each year!

€ 245
Specialized in foreign nationals

Dutch tax return

As a foreign national you have not grown up with Dutch taxes. We did. Don’t fall in the many pitfalls and have your Dutch tax return prepared by experts.

After registration, you receive a checklist and can upload your data or send it by mail. And then we take care of the rest. The easiest way to handle your taxes!

€ 370
For entrepreneurs, by professionals

Entrepreneur tax return

You take your business serious, we take your tax return serious.

After registration, you receive a checklist and can upload your information, including balance sheet and profit & loss statement prepared by your bookkeeper / accountant.
This way we can prepare your personal income tax return, so you can stay focused on your business.

Our meeting options

€ 295
The traditional and personal alternative

Book appointment

If you prefer a more personal touch, we can fill out your tax return during a video meeting with one of our experts. We work with fixed rates for expats: EUR 295 for a single tax return and EUR 345 including your fiscal partner.

Book now, an appointment is scheduled within a minute!

If an online meeting doesn't work for you, we offer (due to the Covid-19 situation) very limited possibility for office meetings.

Our other services

Information request

  • This is an information request, not a purchase.


  • Application combined Rent & Dutch health care allowance € 150 (incl. VAT )
  • Change of fiscal address € 50 (incl. VAT )
  • Inform/change of bank account € 50 (incl. VAT )
  • Taxdirect acting as fiscal address (including review assessments) € 100 (incl. VAT )
  • Letter of objection / answering question letters (Hourly rate € 130)
  • Application 30% ruling € 575 (incl. VAT)
  • Application A1 statement € 350 (incl. VAT )
  • Re-application A1 statement € 333 (incl. VAT )

About us

We believe professional tax advice should be affordable for everybody. We use the internet, a low cost base and very efficient processes to deliver on this promise. We were established more than 7 years ago and help hundreds of taxpayers each year with their tax return.

TaxDirect is managed by three tax advisors that have worked many years with the ‘big-four’ accountancy firms, specializing in expats, global mobility and tax returns. All of our employees have an academic background in tax law or fiscal economics.

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Service very efficient and helpful – recommended to my colleagues with no hesitation. Also appreciated the e-mail follow-up when out of the Netherlands